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Creative Peice Analysis + Final Analysis

For my creative piece, I chose to start off making a cylinder, I made this cylinder very long so I would be able to implement my creative aspect on the pot. I altered my pot right after I threw it while it was still on the wheel and was wet because this was the time where it would be easiest to mould it into a new shape. The shape I chose to mould it into was a heart because it was unique and not as difficult to do as something like a star. After It dried out and I trimmed it I thought it would look wonky and uneven and although it was uneven it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would, I even managed to make two of the same piece. A problem I encountered while I was moulding it into the shape I wanted to the walls were nearing a collapse and I was afraid that it would fall, I ended up making a second bowl with a less distinct heart shape in case the first one was too unbalanced and collapsed, luckily that turned out to be not the case so I ended with two pieces.

Looking back at …
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Vase Analysis

When it was time for me to throw the vase I had no idea how to do it, I was told to start to make a cylinder and when the walls were well raised I would receive further information. I started the proccess of preparing the clay, centring it, opening it and raising the walls. Then I was told to close the pot but not all the way, when the opening was sufficiently small, I made the tip by gently and slowly bringing it up. The vase was most similar to making a cylinder because you follow the same steps but it has a few extra parts. Unfortunately due to a lack of time constraints I was only able to make one pot and didn't have a major problem during the process of throwing the pot. My vase will be glazed with a silver outside and a red colour on the inside with some of it oozing out to make it look as if there is hot lava inside of the pot. I feel like I definitely improved on working on the wheel especially with the beginning things such as centring the clay and raising the walls. The …

Analysis Of Bowl Set

The steps the throwing a bowl are very similar to throwing a cylinder. You first prepare the clay, place it on the wheel and centre it, then you create a whole. Until now all the steps are the same, then when you open it you must do it outwards instead of upwards. That is the main difference between a cylinder and a bowl but I also noticed that for myself personally, using more clay on the bowl compared to the cylinder was more helpful. I'm not quite sure why this is the case but I think it's because bowls are normally larger. I personally found that throwing the bowl was easier than throwing a cylinder because the cylinder needs to be perfectly straight while the bowl can the outwards in many different directions. I was able to throw four bowls and they were all very large compared to my cylinders but unfortunately, the shapes turned out differently for every pot. Finally, when I glazed the bowls my intention was to make it look similar to an eye, the outside of the bowl woul…

Process - Throwing Bowls

Throwing bowls was a pleasant surprise compared to throwing cylinders as I personally found
it a little easier to learn. The cylinder set was very difficult and at times it could be a little wide and it would make the whole pot look bad but with the bowls, it's a different story. With the bowls, I need to make it wide and tall, making it wide is something that came naturally to me but I still have some trouble making it all as it requires a lot of patience. Still, it's a challenge because one little mistake can uncenter the whole bowl and I feel nauseous everytime I start spinning the wheel. Still, I enjoy making the bowls and I gain a great feeling of satisfaction whenever I finish my project.

Cylinder set Decoration - Underglaze

After I completed my cylinder set I had to decorate it with a unique pattern using underglaze. Underglaze should be used when you want to create something with more detail, as with underglaze you can mix different colours also when you apply clear glaze it will not mess your design. We apply three layers of underglaze as a background and then you put only one layer on top if you want to make a unique design. When you finish with the underglaze you but two layers of clear glaze to make it shiny and glossy, do not add extra layers or else the finished product might look cloudy. The design I wanted to make was something that looked like space with many different stars. To make this I first gave all three pots a black underglaze background, then I used a sponge and made the first pot with different dark blue and purple stars, then I made the second pot using white and yellow stars, finally, the last pot was a mixture of both different stars, with one half being mostly yellow and…

Cylinder Set Analysis

During the creations of my cylinder set there was a challange that I had to face on almost every single step, the wheel is something that seems simple but is actually extremely difficult. I noticed that the more I used the wheel and when I got more used to it everything flowed more and I had a better final product. You can clearly see the progression that I made from the first pots of to the final pots. The first difficulty I encountered was durring centering, the problem was that the clay was always a weird shape when I started centring and this caused it to fly off of the wheel. I found out that if before I added force to centre it I simply put my hands on it to make it circular it would make the centring much easier and it would not fly out anymore. Making the hole was also challenging as the first few times I started to make the hole the pot would become off centre. I found out that this was because I was only using one hand and when I used both my hands the hole would s…

Wheel Proccess

Throwing a pot on a wheel is a very difficult thing to do that takes a lot of time and practice, it seems simple at first but it's very complicated as you try it. To begin you must first prepare the clay and then attach it to the wheel, it must be circular to improve the product. Then you must wet your hands as to not stick to the clay as you begin centring, to centre the clay you must make an L shape with your hands and have your elbow on your stomach for force. After you centre the pot you create the hole by using your thumb and drilling down, when you think you've drilled low enough you then you poke the bottom with your needle pointer to measure. Then you open the pot and slowly raise the walls using your two index fingers. In my experience centring it the easiest while raising the wall is very difficult, this is because I've practised a lot with centring but raising the walls takes patience and I sometimes rush the making of the pots.