Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ceramics Intro

          In Ceramics class we were introduced to two different clay making tools, the 'Extruder' and the 'Electronic Wheel'. We chose which one we wanted to do first as you would still end up using both at the end of the year. Since everyone was eager to use the wheel I was left with the extruder which is still a very unique and fun instrument.

The extruder which is the instrument you can see to the right is a tool mounted on the wall. Its use is to create a long tunnel like shapes that have a hole in the middle. This gives creative freedom as you can make anything with it such as a vase, a sculpture or even smaller decoration pieces with different shapes and sizes. The way to use the extruder is very simple, you first prepare the clay, then you put a very generous amount in and you then pull the lever creating a long noodle of whatever shape you chose.

The other tool, the electronic wheel is a spinning base that you mount a wooden wheel on it. The wheel is electrically powered. The steps to using the machine are to turn it on and either use your hands or your feet to pull a lever to make it speed up or slow down. You must first put the clay on top and get it very moist to avoid injury and to improve the condition of the project. With the wheel, you are more limited than the extruder as you can mainly just create pots, cups and small vases.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Health Blog #11

A challenging situation that a teen may face during a sexual relationship is that one of the partners expect sex at nearly every encounter while the other might not. Communication becomes an issue when this occurs and mixed signals are being sent and the two partners become confused. This happens because when they have intercourse once than one of the partners might assume that they'll have sex next time as well, but when the other partner doesn't want it one day but does the next it causes confusion of communication. I think most teens do understand the possible consequences that come with intercourse such as pregnancy and all the possible STD's they can contract. With this being said I don't think that they believe that it will never impact them so they run the risk and do it anyway. Someone you can talk to about sexual relationships is a teacher because they've had more experiences and can give more honest and non-biast opinions than students. Your parents might also be a good person to talk to but they might have certain expectations and beliefs for you so they might not be the greatest people to talk to in a situation like this. An easy way for people to get out of situations that may lead people to assume that they will have sex is to be very upfront and just explain why you would rather wait than jump in right away at a sexual experience. If you do this it leads to an improvement in communication and makes both partners more respectful of one another. Confidence is also gained with being upfront wich will be helpful in the future when trying to say no to other people.

Health Blog #9

I watched the youtube video titled "I forgot my phone" wich is called "Are you addicted to your phone?" in the links page. The main issue explained is the topic that everyone is using their phone when they should be socialising or being active with others. And this person didn't bring her phone wich lead her to become surrounded in an 'awkward situation' where she was excluded in a unique way.  I learned how ridiculous our phone use becomes especially when you are surrounded by others who instead of being talkative and social decide to be glued to their phones. I also realised that not so long ago people were facing these types of situations left and right without needing a phone to 'save' them. Now everywhere you go you see people on their phones not to feel excluded or to seem like they are busy. I hope that I will never be in that situation and that people "wake up" and become more in touch with reality than with their phones. I also have a concern that people our age might be worse communicators because of our lack in us talking for a whole minute without someone pulling out a phone. I feel like this is a personal issue and is something that the government can do little to nothing about. Instead, people have to learn when they become addicted to something so they can solve and overcome the addiction, in this case, the addiction is our need of our cell phones. The most difficult part about this is realising your problem and work to fix it.

Health Blog #8

What stresses me the most is how there are so many people in our group of friends that if someone doesn't get invited to something someone else got invited to there is a big fuss between everyone and we all get stressed out. Many other things cause stress between me and my friends such as dating and girls. It doesn't effect be a lot because I understand that people still like me even if they don't invite me to something, but sometimes I get stressed out by other things with my friends like school and I feel really nauseous and get a sick feeling whenever my friends think they are underachieving when they are doing and performing in school way better than I am. No, because I can't tell my friends to stop doing well in school just to make me feel better. A stress that I used to fell with my friends is that they used to bully me and call me fat in a friendly way even though it was stressing me out and hurting me without them realising. What I did to overcome this was I turned a negative into a positive and I took their negative comments and used it as a driver to lose weight and in the end, I would up a lot healthier, in shape and not stressed out.

Health Blog #7

This article is reporting on the last Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's usage of the drug crack cocaine. This article mainly talks about the video of Rob Ford smoking from a crack pipe filmed by a man around him. In the article it talks about how the police dealt with the situation, they ended up not charging Rod Ford despite having evidence that the video was real and having him admit that he smoked crack. Having personally met Rob Ford before this incident it came off as a real shock to know that he smoked crack because when I initially met him he was just a normal person and it's crazy to know that anyone, despite how famous they are can do drugs. I think that this negatively impacted the city of Toronto, my hometown, it ruins our reputation. At that time it made Canada as a whole seem like a big joke when it comes to political power and our opinions in politics. My community was shocked and greatly impacted because in this video it even showed him saying very negative, offensive and explicit things about another political candidate along the smoking crack. This is ironic because you can't try to downgrade a political candidate while doing something unheard of in smoking an illegal drug while in office.

Health Blog #6

This is Calvin Broadus Jr, more commonly known as Snoop Dogg who is known for his rapping. If you take a listen to at least one of his many songs, you'll quickly find out that he's crazy for Marijuana, also known as "Cannabis Sativa". Although he hasn't said publicly that he's addicted to the illicit drug but it's obvious that he is. You see him using the drug everywhere, in concerts, interviews or just in personal videos. His career has been greatly impacted by the drug as he as made countless songs about the drug and was even in the leading role on a movie about marijuana. His love of the drug gave him many job opportunities but it also made him worse at his job, rapping. As marijuana has an impact on your lungs in makes it harder for you to talk and due to snoop's excessive use of the drug he now has an annoying scruffy voice making him a worse artist. His drug use is a horrible influence on teens and children because he promotes the use of drug causing his listeners to think it's cool to use the drug and want to fit in. Because of this the teens just use the drug without knowledge of it's negative effects such as addiction.

Health Blog #4

Actors are tempted to use steroids because if they are given a role of a superhero or someone who is portrayed as very strong and muscular, the quickest way for the actors to look like these characters is through steroids. Another reason would be if they are trying to appeal to the media and seem like a stronger person they could turn to steroids for a quick way to appeal stronger. I think that the actors don't admit that they use steroids because it might give them a bad reputation and audiences might think that they are endorsing the use of drugs making it harder to land a role. On the other hand, if they stay quiet then they won't be negatively affected in any way. The image of strong muscled men who use steroids makes boys think that this is the ideal body of a man so it makes them strive for an unreachable goal and to reach the goal the teens might turn to drugs such as these actors. It can make boys also feel worthless and like they don't fit it or are an under achiever because they couldn't reach an unrealistic goal. I personally don't think the image of large muscled men changes what society expects men to look like because only ignorant and young people actually fall for this "ideal" and most people understand that these gigantic and muscular men use drugs to achieve their body type.